Mummy & Baby Hospital List

The following is a list of articles you will need during your hospital stay. It's a good idea to prepare your bag early preferably around the 28th week of pregnancy just in case Baby arrives a little sooner than expected!

For Yourself: For Baby:
Ante-natal card (blue card) 1 pack newborn nappies
Medicines/vitamins you take during pregnany 4 towels (can be hooded)
4 pyjamas or night shirts with front fastening 2 pairs of mittens
Dressing gown 3 or 4 baby grows
Slippers and socks 4 vests
2 nursing bras 2 pairs of socks
Panties (net, disposable, cotton) Cotton wool
1 pack maternity pads Baby liquid soap and shampoo
Breast pads Baby oil
Breast wipes Baby bottom cream
Breast shields Muslin Squares
Towels Baby comb and brush
Shampoo and Shower Gel Bonnet/hat
Face cloth or sponge Baby wipes
Deodorant Small basin / Top & Tails
Toothpaste & toothbrush Mosquito Net
Brush & Comb Infant car seat
Make-up Shawl/cellular Blanket
Bag for dirty laundry Nappy Bags
Watch Soft Sponge
Clothes for going home Swaddle blanket
Assorted snacks Microwave sterilising bags
Water and juice (not orange juice) Hot water bottle (optional)
Sweets to suck 1 Baby bottle

Spectacles and/or contact lenses container & storing liquid

Phone Charger  
























For Home & Outdoors (Optional items):

Breast Pump Thermal Bag
Bottle Warmer Thermal flask 
Electric or Microwave Sterilizer Thermometer
Bottles Bath Thermometer
Soothers Baby Bath seat
Soother chain Baby Pram and Stroller
Teats for bottles Rain cover for stroller
Milk Powder container Baby Changer & Bath
Toys Baby Monitor
Baby Sling Baby relaxer/swing
Musical cot mobile Night light
Cot or cradle

Deteregnt & Softener for baby clothes

Mattress Soother container
Bumpers for cot Air purifier

Diaper disposal system   (good to have but not necessary)

Play Gym  
Travel cot  





















With every €150 you spend on the hospital list, we will give you a €20 voucher!