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Our Products

Dermedic baby ultra rich butter

Price: €14.90

Ultra rich butter

Active ingredients: Cicalinum TM, Shea Butter. Cocao oil, SuperHartalon, Witamina E, Glicerin

A multi-component skin care formula dedicated to baby's sensitive skin
From the 1st day of life.
Nourishes, nourishes and strengthens the baby's delicate skin.
It strengthens the intercellular connections of the epidermis, restores its hydrolipid mantle, and supports its barrier protective functions.
It soothes and minimizes 6 symptoms of chronically dry and atopic skin including pruritus. Relieves inflammation, irritation and dermatitis of various origins.
Minimizes symptoms of dry skin and AZS and risk of recurrence.
Clinically tested

Packaging: Jar 225 ml